Wu Xian Guan Temple

Wu Xian Guan Temple

Wu Xian Guan Temple was established in 1377 and is dedicated to the five immortals. According to legend, during the reign of King Yi of the Zhou Dynasty , These names refer to the most famous story about the origins of Guangzhou in which the Five Celestial Beings came to Guangzhou riding on Five Celestial Rams and brought rice and the knowledge of rice cultivation to the people as a means of avoiding the scourge of famine. The Five Celestials Shrine was built to commemorate the celestials and houses the footprints of the immortals. More photo’s can be found in one of my travelogues.
Huge Bronze Bell
This bronze bell weighs about 5,000 kg. The bottom of the bell is a square silo connecting with the door opening that forms a huge resonator. People far away can hear it clearly whenever the bell rings.The huge bell is 3 meters in height, 2 meters in diameter. It is the largest bronze bell still existing in Guangzhou.
Wu Xian Guan (Temple of the Five Celestial Beings) in Guangzhou was also built under the spell of this myth. The locals soon afterwards constructed Wu Xian Guan (Temple of the Five Celestial Beings) to celebrate the occasion of the arrival of the celestial beings. The temple consists of the structure of the five beings, a sculpture of the five and the goats. However, history says that the temple was later found to be vanished from its spot. The new Wu Xian Guan (Temple of the Five Celestial Beings) in Guangzhou was thus reconstructed by the locals on Yuexiu Hill with a sculpture of five goats including with the one in the center slightly higher and the rest surrounding it.[Not a valid template]
Address: The Temple is situated off Jiefang Zhong Lu on Huifu Xi Lu in the center of town.
Opening hours:9am-12pm and 1.30pm-5pm.

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