guangzhou xiguan

The traditional Cantonese architectures from ancient Guangzhou, was once occupied by the upper class. Xiguan referred loosely to the area in Liwan District ranging from Xicun in the north, to the Pearl River in the south, and from Renmin Road in the east to Xiaobei River in the west. It also generally meant the area beyond the west city gate to Guangzhou in the Ming and Qing periods.
At the end of the Ming dynasty, there was a surge in building huge residences and homes for business men and officials.
At the end of the Ming Dynasty, there was an increase in the construction of large apartment buildings and business people and officials. Some of these impressive buildings are maintained and are in the area south of the Zhujiang River and east of Renmin Lu are. These buildings (Xiguan Dayuan) are great examples of traditional Cantonese architecture. Today, the house consists of rooms and rooms decorated at an early style furniture. Most rooms are decorated with classic furniture, lamps and lanterns decorated with scrolls, antique furniture and exquisite sculptures. At the end of the Ching Dynasty, there were 800 of these houses. Today is only the 100th .
Address: Liwan District,Guangzhou
Travelers can take subway No. 1 and get off at the Changshou Road and walk ahead about 500 meters. However, there are lots of shops along the streets so that travelers won’t feel tired or boring on their way to the ancient house.

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