Yu Yin Shan Fang Garden

Yuyin Shan Fang Garden

Yu Yin Shan Fang Garden is one of the four famous gardens built in the Qing Dynasty in Guangdong Province. Located in Nancun Township, panyu district 17 kilometers away from Guangzhou City, it covers an area of 1,598 square meters. This garden is well known for the family of Wu Yantian, the father and his two sons once scored among top three at the national imperial examinations. It is very symbolic today for the ambitious students and their parents.
Yuyin Shan Fang has an ingenious layout. The pavilions, terraces, halls, bridges, lakes and hills are all included, having been carved into the 300 steps around the garden. The brick carvings, wood carvings, lime carvings and stone carvings are rich and varied, and demonstrate Yuyin Shan Fang exquisite style and serving to justify its reputation as a famous garden.[nggallery id=44]
Located in Nancun Township, 17 kilometers away from Guangzhou City
Features of Yuying Garden in Guangzhou
The main feature of the garden house is its meticulous use of limited space. With the floor area amounting to only 1500 meter square, the space is used nicely. The intelligent usage of space is enough indications to point out the work of a professional and artistic mind behind the creation.
Even if the garden may seem small there are a number of features like a decorated pavilion, tower, veranda, corridor, bridge accompanying the garden. All the windows promise you a great scenic view.
The Mountain House is an exquisite example of fine work of art. The original designs with their deep meanings are used in the elegant architectural features of the house. It is a fine specimen of Lingnan Garden architecture.
Owing to the irregular plane of the house the attractions in the garden and around the house is divided into the eastern and western section. The respective sections are joined by the Corridor Bridge which is the most significant feature to be noticed in the garden.

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