Guangzhou Metro Ticket Instructions

Yang Cheng Tong Card: With a calendar month , any holder of Yang Cheng Tong card shall enjoy a 5% discount for Metro ride on the first 15 Metro and bus trips . From the 16th  times on , the same card shall enjoy a 40% discount for bus or Metro ride (the riding times are accumulated within the calendar ... Read More »

Travel Between Hong Kong and Guangzhou by Train

The train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is the easiest way to travel between the two cities. The KCR East Railway travels between Hong Kong (Hung Hom station in Kowloon) and Guangzhou East. The journey time is generally under 2 hours and the train has a food and drinks service .It is really convenient for you when you are going ... Read More »

Guangzhou to Hong Kong train schedule

The train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is the easiest way to travel between the two cities. Hong Kong to Guangzhou Train Schedule Hung Hom –> Dongguan (Changping)/Guangzhou East Train No Depart Hung Hom Arrive Dongguan (Changping) Arrive Guangzhou East T812 07:25 08:37 09:24 T824 (Ktt) 08:15 09:25 10:12 T820 09:24 10:36 11:23 T804 10:52 12:04 12:51 T808 11:32 – ... Read More »

Guangzhou Airport Provides Self-service Luggage Check-in

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has recently been equipped with the country’s first automatic consignment machine, allowing passengers to check luggage by themselves without waiting in line for airport staff. The machine, namely “Self Bag Drop,” is located in the No. 4 Counter of the Section N in the departure hall. According to the airport, passengers can, with a few taps ... Read More »

From Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou and other cities

Mainland Coach and limousine services at Hong Kong International Airport(HKIA) provide modern and comfortable transport , allowing passengers to travel between the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and HKIA hassle free. The Mainland Transport Center in the Coach Station of Terminal 2 provides one-stop transport services. Passengers can enquire the services, purchase tickets, wait at the designated lounges and board vehicles ... Read More »

Bus from Guangzhou to Hong Kong

There are many boarding points of Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Coach in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The followings are telephone number, address, and time schedules. Fare: From Guangzhou To Hong Kong: HKD$100 From Guangzhou To Huanggang:HKD70 Children : aged 2-5 Aged : Hong Kong citizen aged 65 or above Schedule Departure Time   Pick UpLocation Drop Off Location CT0530 05:15 Hotel ... Read More »

From Guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport

From Guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport Ferry from guangzhou Nansha to hong kong Airport: Nnsha Port is 48 sea miles from Hongkong, 41 sea miles from Macao.Only one line  travel between Guangzhou and Hongkong international airport at 9:30 AM  every day, Back from Hong kong International Airport at 16:00, Price is 155 RMB for adult.  offical website of Nansha Port ... Read More »

Bus from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

By (CTS) bus from Hong Kong to Guangzhou To Guangzhou:HKD$100(Adult),HKD$90(Child) (One Way Ticket) To Huanggang:HKD$45(Adult),HKD$40(Child) (One Way Ticket) Children : aged 2-5, Aged : Hong Kong citizen aged 65 or above Hong Kong Downtown — Guangzhou city Schedule Departure Time Pick UpLocation Drop Off Location 06CT-H CAN01 06:50 Causeway Bay(Metro Park Hotel) China Hotel 07:05 Wan Chai CTS Hotel Landmark ... Read More »

Yang Cheng Tong

Guangzhou has a fairly efficient and rapidly expanding public transportation system. If you intend to stay in Guangzhou for an extensive period of time, purchase a multi-purpose Yang Cheng Tong (羊城通) stored value card, similar to the Octopus Card in Hong Kong. The card can now be used in selected metro areas in the Guangdong province. You will gain discount ... Read More »

Guangzhou BRT

Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit (Guangzhou BRT or GBRT) is the bus rapid transit (BRT) system of the city of Guangzhou in the People’s Republic of China. Its first line was put into operation on 10 February 2010. It handles approximately 1,000,000 passenger trips daily with a peak passenger flow of 26,900 pphpd (second only to the TransMilenio BRT system in ... Read More »

Nansha Port

Nansha Port (南沙港客运Nansha Ferry Terminal) is at the southeast of Nansha Development Zone and on the west bank of Humen Watercourse in the estuary of the Pearl River. It is only 40 nautical miles from Hong Kong (about 70 minutes by ferry), 41 nautical miles from Macau and 54 kilometers to Guangzhou by land, bordering the cities of Dongguang, Zhongshan, ... Read More »

By Ferry

If you would like to take ferry from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, you could take ferry at China Hong Kong City Terminal or Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal located at the Shun Tak Centre, Central, Hong Kong. The destination ferry terminals in Guangzhou are Lianhuashan port, Panyu and Nan Sha. Passengers can board the ships at Lianhuashan Port and Nansha ... Read More »