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There is also a comprehensive public bus service that covers Guangzhou from end to end. Coach services are available to bring passengers from Hong Kong International Airport to several locations in Guangzhou. Domestically, it is possible to hop on a bus from any corner of Guangdong province and get to Guangzhou. It is coziness when you by bus in the summer because it has 80% of the city-buses are equipped with air-conditioner,

By far, it is the cheapest way to move around. Bus fares are ¥1 for the older buses and ¥2 for the air-conditioned ones, although the older buses are slowly being retired.

Buses are only handy for travelling within one district or for reaching suburban districts that are not served by the subway, and heavy traffic can lead to a slow, uncomfortable journey although they can be handy for a cheap but slow sightseeing tour. Trolleybus routes 101-109 are handy for exploring Liwan and Yuexiu districts. There is currently a bus rapid transit (BRT) line under development which will cut journey times between Tianhe Sport Centre and Huangpu District by up to 50% by using segregated lanes in the centre of the road and using flyovers and tunnels to cross major intersections.

There are also 3 tourist bus lines, passing through many scenic spots in the city.

A handful of commuter express buses run mostly in peak hours from major bus/subway interchanges to outlying districts using the elevated roads and can be faster than taking a conventional bus. Fares are charged according to distance.
There is a bus running between Guangzhou South Railway Station (where the bullet trains run) and Lo Wu (a commonly used border crossing between Hong Kong and main land China). The fare is RMB65 and the bus frequency seems to be about one bus every 2 hours, but that might vary depending on time of day etc.

In Guangzhou, passengers are required to get on the bus at the front door and exit from the bus at the back door.

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