From Guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport

From Guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport

Ferry from guangzhou Nansha to hong kong Airport:

Nnsha Port is 48 sea miles from Hongkong, 41 sea miles from Macao.Only one line  travel between Guangzhou and Hongkong international airport at 9:30 AM  every day, Back from Hong kong International Airport at 16:00, Price is 155 RMB for adult.  offical website of Nansha Port

By Express Train  (by train from guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport)
You can by express train from Guangzhou East Railway to Hong Kong.Then you can by direct bus (A21) at Hung Hom Station to the Hong Kong International Airport,Price is 33 HK$,Time is about 75 minutes. another way you can by metro to the airport,But you need to transfer several time when you by metro.
The last express train is 09:32 PM, Or you can by train from Guangzhou East Railway Station to the Shenzhen Luohu ,Then you can by metro from Shenzhen Luohu to the Hong Kong International Airport.
Guangzhou Metro map     Train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong
By Bus:
By Bus from Guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport
Stops at Shenzhen Bay Port , HongKong Interantional Aiport


From Guangzhou to Hong Kong airport best is Bus only if you have light baggage because while boarding the bus you have to keep  you luggage in bus and get it out once for china immigration and place it back, after 10 minutes drive get it out again for hong kong immigration then place it back on Hong Kong bus. so not easy with lot of luggage.

Guangzhou Downtown (Departs every 30 minutes) HongKong International Airport (AsiaWorld-Expo)
Boarding Point Route & Departure
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13
China Hotel 05:30 06:30 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 –:- 14:00 15:00 17:00
Hotel Landmark 05:15 06:10 06:40 07:40 08:40 09:40 10:40 11:40 12:40 13:10 14:40 15:40 16:40
Hai Tao Hotel 05:45 06:45 08:10
Rosedale Hotel 06:15
DongShan Hotel 08:00
Ai Qun hotel 14:30
Garden Hotel Guangzhoul 08:30 09:30 14:30

Ticket Offices in Guangzhou

Ticketing Hotlines Available at all CTS Branches Enquiry Hotlines Available at all CTS Branches
Guangzhou Reservation hotlines (20) 8337-2626 China Hotel Ticketing

(86) 139-2510-0583

China Hotel (20) 8666-6888 Hotel Landmark Canton Ticketing (86) 139-2247-6100
Hotel Landmark Canton (20) 8335-5988 To 7117 Hai Tao Hotel Ticketing (86) 135-0000-5355
Dong Shan Hotel (20) 8777-3722 Ticket service hotline (755) 8360-0021
Guandong CTS Office (20) 8333-6888 To 5384
Guangzhou Hai Tao Hotel (20) 8759-8888
HK Int’l Airport Arnival Concoures CTS Counters(A04, A05, C05 )
(852) 2261-2472 (852) 2261-2473 (852) 9020-6336 (852) 9020-6334


Fare Table( Exact Fare and Schedule subject to latest updates)
Destination Adult Children Round trip
From Guangzhou to Huanggang Border ¥130



From Guangzhou to Hong Kong Airport ¥230 ¥100 $430
From Hong Kong airport to Huanggang Border $150 $100 $230
From Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou $250 $100 $430

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  1. How do I get a train ticket from Guangzhou to hong kong airport?

    • not direct train from GZ to HK airport, you have to buy ticket at Guangzhou East Railway Station first, from gz to Hung hom Railway Station, then take A21 Bus from Hunghom Station, or you can take direct bus from GZ (at China Hotel or Landmark Hotel Canton which close to the Haizhu Square) to Hong Kong Airport .

  2. My flight is going to 12 noon , if I pick the express coach from china Marriott hotel at 5:30 am I am reach Hong Kong International Airport at time ?

  3. Hello, how long does the bus take to go to the airport? My flight is at 14,20. Thank you.
    Can I book a ticket only by phone?

  4. Anand Mani Upadhyay

    By taking direct ferry servise from Guangzhou to Hongkong International Airport, Can we fly from Hongkong Airport even if we dont have visa for Hongkong but have Visa of China. If we have confirm flight ticket.

  5. Hello I would like to take a bus from Guangzhou airport to go to Hong Kong Airport. Do I have to book the ticket before or can I buy it directly at the Guangzhou airport when coming ? Thank you

  6. Hello, how long does the bus take to go to the airport? My flight is at 15.15,which time bus I need choose ?Thank you.


  7. My flight time morning 8:55am at hongkong airport, I m going Guangzhou to hongkong airport, which way is best ??

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