Guangzhou BRT

Guangzhou BRT

Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit (Guangzhou BRT or GBRT) is the bus rapid transit (BRT) system of the city of Guangzhou in the People’s Republic of China. Its first line was put into operation on 10 February 2010. It handles approximately 1,000,000 passenger trips daily with a peak passenger flow of 26,900 pphpd (second only to the TransMilenio BRT system in Bogota). In fact, this rapid transit system contains the world’s longest BRT stations – around 260m including bridges – with bus volumes of 1 bus every 10 seconds or 350 per hour in a single direction. The BRT system has two new lines and two extensions planned. The 18-meter “super bus”can accommodate 150 people while the current 12-meter version carry 70 to 80. The BRT Company estimated that transportation efficiency could rise by 30 percent with the addition of the new buses. The BRT Company also plans to transfer some normal 12-meter buses for line B1 to support Line B27, which will partly relieve its over-crowding issue.
Buses generally pass along the BRT and then run as normal services at either end. If boarding a BRT bus at a normal (non BRT) bus stop, the normal fare of 2 RMB applies, however you can transfer to other BRT routes for free, provided you transfer at a BRT stop. If boarding at a BRT stop, insert 2 yuan (coins only) into the entry turnstile to enter the platform area – no payment is required when boarding the bus.
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