Guangzhou East Railway Station

Guangzhou East Railway Station

Guangzhou East Railway Station serves the city of Guangzhou, It is located at the Linhe Zhong Lu,Tianhe District, Guangzhou. It is opposite Zhongxin Plaza and the tallest building in Guangzhou. Built in 1910, it is 8 kilometers from Guangzhou Railway Station and 139 kilometers from Shenzhen Railway Station. It is a very important station on the Guangzhou – Shenzhen Railway. Also it is the terminal of Guangdong – Kowloon, Hong Kong Through Train.

The passenger transport building is the center of the station. The first floor is mainly for the passengers to Shenzhen and Kowloon, Hong Kong, and has ticket windows, waiting rooms, and luggage storage rooms. On the second floor, there are ticket offices for long-distance passengers in the west section, and five VIP Rooms in the east. On the third floor are the ticket hall and waiting rooms for passengers to Jiulong and long-distance passengers. The check-in hall for the passengers to Jiulong is in the west section of the fourth floor, while the other part of the fourth floor is the waiting room for domestic passengers.

There is a passport checking area accommodated within the station for passengers travelling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Rail services serving Guangzhou East railway station include:

Guangshen CRH

MTR Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train

Guangzhou Metro Line 1 (Please see Guangzhou East Railway Station (metro))

Guangzhou Metro Line 3 (Please see Guangzhou East Railway Station (metro))


How to get to Guangzhou East Railway Station

1. By Subway: Guangzhou East Railway Station can be reached by Subway Line 1 or Line 3
2. By Bus: Bus Routes: Take Bus No.B19 (41 long-distance), 41 (short-distance), 43, 45, 62, 122, 122A, 175, 183, 185, 195, 209, 214, 233, 256, 263, 271, 280, 283, 302, 501, 508, 515, 551, 804, 804A, 808 (short-distance), 808, 810, 810A, 841, 884, Express Line 24 and 28, 15 (Night), 17 (Night), 28 (Night), Airport Express Tianhe Terminal Line, Guangzhou East Railway Station – Conghua Coach Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station – Huadu Coach Station, and Guang – Fo Express Line 6 and get off at Guangzhou East Railway Station stop.

3. By Airport Shuttle Bus: The Airport Shuttle Bus Line 6C departs from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to go to Guangzhou East Railway Station. The ticket fare is CNY20. The whole trip needs about 50 minutes.

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  1. Please recommend hotels within 10 minutes walk of Guangzhou East Metro station

  2. Can i bring my check-in luggage in the subway going to guangzhou east railway station? Can i buy ticket on that day for my trip to hongkong?

    • hello there
      you can take you luggage when you take subway to Guangzhou Easy Railway Sation , your luggage need to be checked by machine before you go inside the East Railway Station .
      yes, you can buy ticket from GZ to HK at that day , plenty of tickets .

  3. Hi, I will travel to Guangzhou east railway station by subway.

    Can you please advise me whether I can:
    1) Return Yan Cheng Tong card @ Guangzhou east railway station exit J & H
    2) Buy train tickets to Shenzhen @ Guangzhou east railway station exit E, I & G
    Is the walking distance far between the exits J/H and E/I/G?

    I will be carrying quite few large luggages with me. Please advise.

    If it is far, would you kindly recommend me where I should return the YCT card (before going to Guangzhou east railway station) as I will be staying at 2nd Workers’ Cultural Place. Thank you very much 🙂

    • hi there
      you will stat at 2nd Workers’ Cultural Place, so you can refund your YCT card at Guangyuanqian Metro Station Exit J, you will see the 7/11 ,
      At Guangzhou Railway Station I think Exit I is better, about 5-8 minutes walking to ticket office, but you need to walk to the Gate 1, and check your luggage

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