Guangzhou Ferry Buses

Guangzhou Ferry

The ferry is the cheapest way of crossing the Zhujiang River(Peral River) – it runs between the seafood market next to Shamian Island in Huangsha and the Bai-e-tan Bar Street (Changdi Lu) in Fancun and runs every 5 minutes from 5AM to midnight.

The service is available at a charge of RMB 2/person/time with the charge set at RMB1/ person/time being charged for a trip between two neighboring wharfs. There are no conductors on the ferry buses, so passengers should prepare change for themselves or they can use Yangchengtong cards.

The water bus can accommodate 60 passengers. Except a slight shaking on the ferry, you cannot find any differences between water bus and the buses on land. Water bus is not only used as ferryboat but also a good choice to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Pearl River. During the sail, you can see lots of characteristic architecture. Compared with the Pearl River Night Cruise, the cost of water bus is much cheaper.


(1)   It is very safe to take the water bus. Each water bus is equipped with enough life jackets and sea-sickness medicine and the like.

(2)   Guangzhou Ferry Company: 84447319

Water Bus Schedule

First Bus: 07:00

Last Bus: 18:00

Interval :

Rush hour : 20 minutes

Off-peak hour : 30 minutes

Available city buses to the ferry piers :

Zhongda : 8, 11, 121, 182, 229, 247, 266, 272

Tianzi : 1, 4, 57, 183, 208, 219, 238, 544

Xidi : 1, 128, 131, 186, 208, 217, 219, 236, 281, 31, 38, 521, 538, 556, 57, 64, Tourist 2

Fangcun : 19, 52, 64, 181, 206, 217, 309, 838, 812

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