Guangzhou Metro One-day pass and Three-day pass

Day pass includes one-day pass and three-day pass, and you can select to buy the desired day pass according to the actual demand.

One-day Pass (¥20 yuan) : 20 RMB for each , no deposit and you would take the metro without limited time in 24 hours since the first time you passed the gate. (For example, you use the One-day Pass at 11:00 AM, then the One-day Pass will expire at the next day 10:59 AM, 24 hours. )

Three-day Pass(¥50 yuan) : 50 RMB for each, no deposit , and you could take the metro without limited time in 72 hours since the first time you passed the gate.

(i) How to buy?

Day pass is available at the customer service center of any station of the whole line network and at the eMetro self-service vending and recharging machines within any station.

1.Purchase Tickets at eMetro Self-service Vending and Recharging Machine

2.Buy Ticket via Mobile Phone and Take Ticket at Station

Download the official APP of Guangzhou Metro or pay attention to the public We-Chat service account of Guangzhou Metro, enter the ticketing center for purchase the desired ticket according to the step prompt, and scan the QR code to take the ticket at the self-service vending and recharging machine at the selected station.

Warm Reminder: If you order a ticket online, you should take the ticket in time, because automatic refund will occur if you fail to take the ticket by the beginning of the next day after order payment.

(ii) What do you need to pay attention to?

1. The train ticket is only used by one person.
2. The ticket cannot be recharged after use.
3. Once used, the ticket cannot be returned. The unused ticket can be returned at any station of the line network.
4. The ticket does not allow the entry and exit at the same station. In special circumstance, if you have to do so, please contact our staff.

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