Guangzhou Metro Ticket Instructions

Guangzhou Metro Ticket Instructions

Yang Cheng Tong Card: With a calendar month , any holder of Yang Cheng Tong card shall enjoy a 5% discount for Metro ride on the first 15 Metro and bus trips . From the 16th  times on , the same card shall enjoy a 40% discount for bus or Metro ride (the riding times are accumulated within the calendar month only). You can easily buy at 7-11s (like 7-11s at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport) , Tian Tian Laundry and Customer service centers of Yang Cheng Tong which at Gongyuan Qian and Tiyu Xilu metro station.

One-day Pass (¥20 yuan) : 20 RMB for each , no deposit and you would take the metro without limited time in 24 hours since the first time you passed the gate.

Three-day Pass: 50 RMB for each, no deposit , and you could take the metro without limited time in 72 hours since the first time you passed the gate.

You can’t use the ticket to pass in and out at the same station, and please contact the station staff if you have to do this due to special situation.

Single Journey Ticket : Group tickets for 30 or more , passengers can enjoy a 10% discount.
Students’ Yang Cheng Tong Card : 50% discount

Guangzhou Senior Citizen Card ( aged 60-65) : 50% discount
Guangzhou Senior Citizen Card (aged 65 and above) : For free

Foshan Senior Citizen Card (aged 60-65):50% discount
Foshan Senior Citizen Card (aged 65 and above) : For free

Preferential Card of Transportation for the Disabled of Guangzhou : 50% discount
Preferential Card of Transportation for the Severely Disabled of Guangzhou : For Free

Notice: For any unused single journey ticket that can be read by the machine shall be refunded at the Customer Service Center with 30 minutes after purchase. If exceeding 30 minutes, it shall not be refunded, Single journey ticket is available at the Metro station and is valid at the same station on the same day .

Services such as recharging, ticket refunding or replacement for Yang Cheng Tong Card are not available at the Customer Service Center. Hotline of Yang Cheng Tong: 4008440001

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  1. Dear sir, If I use one day pass, and pass in or out at second time, will be fined..?

    • one day pass is mean you can use the ticket during 24 hours ,for example ,the first time you use one day pass at 16:30 ,so you can use the one day pass before 16:30 at Second Day

  2. Hi,

    Are the 1-day and 3-day pass applicable only for unlimited metro usage, or do they also include unlimited public bus rides?

  3. Can you please clarify why one can’t use the ticket to pass in and out at the same station?

    Does it mean that if I enter Metro Station A to go to Station B and later enter Station B to return to Station A again and I will be fine?

  4. How long is the validity period of the Yang Cheng Tong card?

    How much does it cost?

    What are the available top-up values?


  5. Hi,
    I need to go from the airport to Guangzhou South railway station. Please, tell me if I have to buy a single journey ticket /I saw that I have to take line 3 and then change to line 2/. Please, tell me also the ticket fare.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes,buy single journey ticket, take metro line 3, but you need to transfer Line 2 at Jiahewang Jiang metro station , same platform , the line 2 train just opposit the line 3 train , easy to catch the train
      About 1 hour from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Guangzhou South Railway Station .

  6. Could you please explain more on the Yang Cheng Tong card?

    How much does it cost?

    Any deposit?

    Beside using in Metro & 7-11, can it be use in bus, restaurant etc?

    Will there be any refund if I not using it.

    Any expiry date?



    • Hello there
      Deposit cards YangchengTong is 20 Yuan Deposit
      You can use in Bus,Metro , shopping at 7-11 ,Ok Shop ,but can not use in restaurant
      Yes,you can refund the card if you dont want to using, but you have to go to the Goangyuanqing METRO station or Tiyuxilu Metro to refund the card, a bit inconvenient I think,unless you stay the hotel close the metro metro stations.
      Expiry day, it was seem that no expre date. you can change another new one if your card have problem .

  7. I will be in Guangzhou soon.

    Can I use the metro card any other time I come to Guangzhou after my first visit?

    Will the money in the card still be there whenever I come to China?



  8. Good day

    Can you please advise on the Guangzhou Senior Citizen Cards.  Are they for foreign visitors as well?  If so, where do we obtain the Senior cards?  What else is needed besides passport to veriy age.  Thank you

  9. Dear Victor,

    If I use one day pass for example at 9:00 the first time and the day after at 8:30 but finish my travel at 9:30, will be fined ?


  10. Hey Victor, 


    do you think I can get a student card as a forgein student with a chinese university card?

    • as far as i know ,the discount of  guangzhou metro card only for Guangzhou Citizen , Maybe  you can ,if you study in Guangzhou. 

      • Dear sirs !
        We arrive at Baiyun Airport @7 in the morning .
        Can you please explain to me how to get to Hong Kong by Metro and East Rail station ? Btw . I’ve heard about busses picking you up in front of Hotels and drive to Hong Kong
        Can you please explain how to reach to the Hotels near the airport ? Thank you

  11. Seems like a single Tix is recommended if going to only be in Guangzhou for a week or less. Therefore does one need to have correct change when buying tix for the journey..and is there a long Q to buy Tix. 

  12. Can I use the 3 days Pass on the Foshan Metro? What is the metro fare if I start from Guangzhou to Ancient Temple Foshan metro Station? Is it cheaper to buy the 1 day ticket? 

    • Yes,you can use 3 days pass on Foshan Metro 

      About 6-8 Yuan ,one way  from GZ city to Foshan Ancient Temple 

      depend on where you go in one day ,if you travel to several places by metro ,maybe one day pass is better

      or just buy ticket at metro station is okay .

  13. if i buy guangzhou 3 day pass metro card, and on the second day, i travel to shenzhen, can i still use that 3 day pass metro card  in shenzhen?  thanks before

  14. Hans Rudolf van Muijen

    What is the best option to buy when you stay 10 days in Guangzhou and travel by metro?


    • maybe yangchengtong metro card, no need to buy 1 day pass or 3 day pass, becuase you stay in GZ 10 days, unless you make a plan before you travel to GZ and you will travel a lot of places in one day ,but it will be exhaust for you if you travel many places in one day . so maybe yangchengtong metro card is okay for you.

  15. Do children under the age of 3 have to pay?  If so, is it the same price as adult or is there a discount?


    Thank yoU!

  16. Can i person buy the 1 day pass and 3 days pass in advance? Or can only buy on the day we want to use? 

  17. Will be staying in Guangzhou for 4 days. Can i buy both the 1 day pass and 3 days pass in advance or on the 1st of arrival?  Is there any expiry date on  the pass? Or should I buy the card every day i want to travel ? Thanks 

    • the one day pass is 24 hours, for example, you use the 1 day pass on the morning 11 am, then will expire on the second day 10:59 am . 

      it is depend on where you going ,I mean do you travel a lot of place in one day ,for me, I think Yanchengtong is okay , even if you still have money in the Yangchengtong Metro card,  you can buy something to eat at 7/11 at the airport. 

      take metro is not expensive in GZ, most of time 2-3 Yuan one way . not like HK  , most of time ,if I travel a lot of places in one day when I in HK, I would buy one day pass in HK, just like you in GZ. 

  18. Thanks Victor. For the 1 day pass i can get it at any metro station counter or at the machine? Thanks 

  19. Can this 1 day metro pass be use for the haizhu tram service? 

  20. My husband and I will be going to Guangzhou for the first time on our own and arrive there on 20Dec 2018 morning. Our hotel is Jia Jia MIX International Apartment Beijing Road. Please advise us to buy what train card to reach to our hotel from the airport. We will leave Guangzhou on 22Dec at midnight. So how many days card can we buy also for our return to the airport. We are 68 years old and please do guide us for our short stay in Guangzhou. Thanks and with best regards

  21. My question is,for one card metro 24hour can use for two person or only one person?

  22. If I buy 3 day pass , can I go every metro station unlimited journey for 72 hours ?

  23. Hi Victor,

    Do you mind explaining the statement ' You cant use the ticket to pass in and out of the same station' ?  I intend to buy 3 days pass to travel to Foshan, Shamian Island, and the areas in Guangzhou city. So I want to ask Is it ok if i travel from the Guangzhou South railway station to Yuexiu Park station to go to my hotel near there. After that visit the areas in Yuexiu Park and then use the ticket to travel from Yuexiu Park to Beijing Road Pedestrian street and then take the metro back to Yuexiu station again in one day. That means i will be going in and out of Yuexiu Park station 3 times in that day. Will i be fined?  Thanks. Plse advise.


  24. Hello, I will be going to Guangzhou on next month. Is my 5 years old daughter need to buy ticket? Thanks

  25. Hi,
    I want to buy a Three-day Pass for 50 RMB. Where can I buy this Three-day Pass ? Are there specific metro stations where I must go in order to buy this Three-day Pass ? Or can I buy this Three-day Pass at each metro station in Guangzhou ? Thank you !

  26. Greetings, since we will be in Guangzhou for a week so better get the Yangchengtong metro card for traveling in Guangzhou and the question is this metro card have unlimited journey thru metro or bus. Also can this metro card used for two persons traveling in metro or buses.
    Appreciated your advice.

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