Guangzhou Metro Timetable

Guangzhou Metro Time Table



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  1. Hello There,

    I will be travelling to Guangzhou with a family member of 7 (including 1 child). I have business to do in Zhong Da market and Zhang xi Lu Wholesale Market and would like your suggestion about my apartment in which area i should rent. The reason i want apartment because i have to cook my own food because i got allergies to many types of Food, drinks etc. Please suggest also what type of transport better for my family as we will be arriving midnight time.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Han Serr

    • hello Mrs. Han Serr ,
      Thanks your message, but I want to know your budget first , I dont know your bedguet so it is not easy for me to tell you which apartment would be okay for you ,
      I think it is only take a taxi if you arrive at Midnight, the last metro/train at 11:00 at Airport,
      When you arrive at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, do not accept solicitations for rides to the city. Sometimes, some people may stand at the arrival area and ask if you need a taxi. These are illegal operators who use unmarked vehicles, or charge you a fee, offer you a phony receipt, and then arrange a taxi that will charge you again. They usually cost a lot more than licensed taxis since many travelers do not know the cost of airport transportation.