Guangzhou North Railway Station

Guangzhou North Railway Station

The Guangzhou North Railway Station is a railway station in Guangzhou , Guangdong  It is located in Huadu District in far northern suburbs of Guangzhou.

The station is served both by the high-speed trains of the Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway and by regular passenger trains on the original railway (Jingguang railway) running along the same route.The North Railway Station was a small railway station on Beijing-Guangzhou Railway.

Wuhan-Guangzhou trains start to operate since December 26. In the first period, there are 26 pairs of high speed trains launching from Guangzhou North Railway Station. 21 pairs of those trains end in Wuhan Railway Station and five of them end in Changsha South Railway Station. Guangzhou to Wuhan/Changsha train number starts with letter G’ and ends with even number. The first express train from Guangzhou North Railway Station is G1022 at 07:00 to Wuhan and the last G1058 at 19:20 to Changsha South. There are two kinds of tickets, costing CNY490 for second class seats and CNY780 for the first class. It greatly shortens the distance from Guangzhou to Wuhan. The fastest trains will finish the whole journey within 3 hours.

How to get to Guangzhou North Railway Station

1. Long-distance buses leave from 6 coach terminals in Guangzhou for Huadu Coach Terminal, which is about 100 meters from the Guangzhou North Railway Station. Passengers can take buses from Guangzhou Coach Terminal, Tianhe Coach Terminal, Dongpu Coach Terminal, Fangcun Coach Terminal, Jiaokou Coach Terminal, and the Guangzhou East Coach Terminal.

2. Take bus 705 at Zhongshan Balu Bus Station to Huadu Coach Terminal, which is about 100 meters from the Guangzhou North Railway Station.

How to leave Guangzhou North Railway Station

1. Take special routes at the West Exit of the station. Passengers can either take special route leaving for Guangzhou Coach Terminal or Tianhe Coach Terminal. A route leaving for Guangzhou Jiaokou Coach Terminal is also available.

2. Take long-distance buses from Huadu Coach Terminal. At the west exit of the station, about 10 bus routes headed to the direction of Huadu Cocah Terminal, where passengers can transfer to long-distance buses to get to downtown Guangzhou , Conghua city and Huadu district.

3. Take a taxi at the West Square of  Guangzhou North Railway Station.

Address : Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou ,510800, People’s Republic of China.

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