Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station
Guangzhou South Railway Station

The Guangzhou south railway station is located in Shibi Town in the Panyu district of Guangzhou, at the heart of the Pearl River Delta. The new railway station is being built at a total cost of $1.8bn. The first phase of the project was completed in January 2010 and the complete railway station is scheduled to open in July 2010.It is an interchange station and a terminus between Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, Guangzhou-Maoming Railway, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit and Wuguang Passenger Line.

The main building of the station is a four-story building, which includs one underground floor and three floors above ground. The underground floor covers 930,000 square meters (1,112,270.7 square yards) and consists of the parking lot with 1808 parking positions and the entrances and exits for the subways. Above ground, the first floor is the transportation level, which mainly handles passengers to/from Wuhan, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen. There are also taxi stations, Port of Entry, Joint Inspection Hall, and the Joint Transportation with Baiyun International Airport. The second floor is the VIP Waiting Rooms, the platform, and the Station Hall. The third floor is a 71,722-square-meter (85,778 square yards) waiting room including a 14,694-square-meter (17,573 square yards) commercial area.

Guangzhou railway station facilities

Guangzhou South Railway Station

The passenger facilities in the new station include food and beverage outlets located on the mezzanine floor. The departures hall features spacious waiting rooms apart from food and beverage outlets. A 1,900 capacity parking lot is available. A total of 152 bus lots and 60 taxi pick-up stations are also part of the new railway station.

How to get to Guangzhou South Railway Station

The South Guangzhou Railway Station enjoys superb accessibility and is connected to expressways and national highways.

Passengers from downtown Guangzhou and other cities in the Pearl River Delta can proceed to the south station by city bus, taxi, long-distance bus, and South Station Express Line, or by driving or taking Metro Line 3.


In downtown Guangzhou, there are five bus routes leaving for south railway station. Passengers can take bus 288A at Xihua Road, bus 301A at Zhanqian Road, bus 302A at Guangzhou East Railway Station, bus 303A at Tianhe Coach Terminal and bus 309A at Jiaokou Coach Terminal to the station.In Panyu district, seven bus routes commute between Guangzhou South Railway Station and other bus stations.


Passengers can take metro line 2 to Guangzhou South station, Very convenient for you when you by metro.

South Station Express Line

Guangzhou South Railway Station
Guangzhou South Railway Station

There are four Express Lines leaving for Guangzhou South Railway Station. People can take these Express Lines at Guangzhou passenger station, Tianhe Exhibition Center Station, jiangwan Hotel and Dongpu Coach Terminal.


Ticket demand always exceeds supply when the Spring Festival and the other national holidays are coming. Usually, railway stations sell tickets four days ahead of your departure date, while ticket agencies start to sell ten days (the departure date counted in) in advance. Anyway, the situation is not always the same. You’d better inquire the related information as early as possible.

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  1. Where can take bus from Zhuhai to Guangzhou? How can I book the ticket online?

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      I am not sure your exactly location in Zhuhai , if your place near the Zhuhai Gongbei, you can take a bus at Zhuhai Gongbei to Guangzhou ,or maybe you can take a high speed train from Zhuhai to Guangzhou South Railway Station

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