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There are about 16,000 taxis in Guangzhou. The various colors of the cars signify different taxi companies. Passengers can stop a taxi by just waving his or her hand. This is the most popular way for foreigners to get around, and it is very affordable. Taxis are available from the main hotels 24 hours a day.

The starting charge is ¥7 for the first 2.3 kilometers, or about 1.4 miles. After that is ¥2.6 for each kilometer,¥2 fuel surcharge is now added. The cost may be slightly different, depending on the taxi operators. ¥1 fuel surcharge is now added. Additionally, by calling and telling operators their location and phone number through the pickup hotline (96122), passengers can be picked up by specially dispatched taxis.

If you face any problem during your travel in a taxi, you can ask for help through the taxi hot line – 96900. Whether you are in conflict about the price, your luggage is lost or snatched while boarding a taxi, you can approach the hotline. You are also advised to save your receipt because the taxi’s identification number will be written on it. Don’t worry, you can also bargain with the taxi driver if he charges more. You can get your names and addresses written in Chinese on a hand-out print so that the taxi-driver can be communicated to. In


(1) Business names and addresses on this guide are also in Chinese. Print them out and show them to the taxi drivers. Most drivers do not speak English; many are from the poorer northern provinces and do not even speak Cantonese.

(2) It is not easy to see an empty taxi in peak hours. For the sake of find an empty taxi more easily, you can wait at the special pick-up points for taxis. With the number of more than 230, the special pick-up points for taxis are signed and very easy to find.

(3) Taxi complaint hotline: 020-83600000.

Taxi Service in Guangzhou

Company Tel
Guangzhou Jinlun Car Rental Service 86-20-81886338(call for taxi)
Baiyun Taxi Service No.1 Branch 86-20-81997995
Suibao Car Rental Service 86-20-81570111
Guangdong Yingbao Car Rental Service Co. Ltd. 86-20-83571191
Baiyun Taxi Service No.2 Branch 86-20-84072620
Guangda Taxi Service 86-20-84242220
Guangzhou Zhujiang Taxi Service 86-20-84408391

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  1. Beware, many taxi drivers do not want to use the meter and charge up to three times the going rate!

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