Guangzhou Transportation

Guangzhou has an efficient public transportation system. The transportation in Guangzhou is very convenient. In 2010, the total length of the Guangzhou metro network (Line 1 to Line 9) will be 255km (not including the inter-city lines).

By Plane

By Plane:
Guangzhou’s Baiyun airport is 12kil out of town near the Baiyun Hills. It is one of the three busiest air transportation hubs in China. The closest airport is Baiyun International (CAN), about 12 miles north, which receives nonstop flights from most major Chinese cities, as well as direct flights from international locations, including Sydney, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles (which takes about 13 hours). Carriers include, to name a few: Air China, Asiana Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Japan Air System, Singapore Airlines, Cebu Airways, AirAsia, and Thai Airways. The International Tax for flights is RMB 140 and for domestic flights it is RMB15.

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By Train

By Train

Head north from Guangzhou to just about everywhere in China including BeiJing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Kunming, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Shaoxing, FoShan, Zhongqing, Xian and Tianjin. Sleeptts can be booked several days in advance at CffS in Guangzhou (east of the Guangzhou train station). Direct trains from Hong Kong, however, arrive at the East Station (dong zhan), which is connected to metro on both Line 1 and 3. The trip from Hong Kong takes about 2 hours. The train has completely non smoking cars.The trains are almost always crowded, so make your reservations a couple of days in advance and show up at the station a few hours before departure. You can buy the train ticket at the tickets office of train in Guangzhou
Your best bet is to get tickets through a hotel- you`ll have to pay for this service but it is a worthwhile luxury!

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By bus

By Bus

There are two major bus stations in Guangzhou. The Provincial bus station which is next to the bus station serves Guilin, Macau and Hong Kong. There are too many bus routes to list all here, but a few of the important routes are:
No 5
Starting from Guangzhou train station, this bus takes a similar route to No 31. but instead of crossing Renmin Bridge it carries on along Liu’ersan Lu, which runs by the northern side of the canal separating the city from Shamian Islnd. Get off there walk across the small bridge to the island.
No 31
Runs along Gongye Dadao Bei, east of Zhoutouzui Wharf, crosses Renmin Bridge and goes straight up Renmin Lu to Guangzhou train station at the north of the city.
No 30
Runs from Guangzhou train station eastwards along Huanshi Lu before turning down Nonglin Xia Lu to terminate in the far east of the city. This is a convenient bus to take if you want to go from the train station to the Baiyim or Garden hotels.

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Guangzhou Taxi
Guangzhou Taxi

There are about 16,000 taxis in Guangzhou. The various colors of the cars signify different taxi companies. Passengers can stop a taxi by just waving his or her hand. Taxis are available from the main hotels 24 hours a day. You can also catch a taxi outside the train stations or hail one on the street. Demand for taxis is great, particularly during the peak hours from 8 to 9 am and during lunch and dinner hours.
At present, Guangzhou has about 16,000 taxies but demand is also huge particularly during peak hours from 8 am to 9 am and at lunch and dinner.
Taxies follow the principles of “marked prices”. The starting fare is 7 yuan for the first 2.3 kilometers, and it is 2.2 or 2.6 every kilometer after that

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Travel Between Guangzhou and Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bus

The distance from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is 174 Kms. You can visit Hong Kong or Guangzhou by bus or train.
By Bus: You can find the detailed information from your hotel in Hong Kong. It’s about two hours by bus. The ticket is about HK$100 (USD15). It’s about 2 hours.
From Guangzhou ( Guangzhou East Railway Station) to Hongkong ( Kowloon ): please go to Guangzhou East Station and take 10:50, 14:05 15:05 or 17:40 train. It’s about 2 hours.
Train :The express through train between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is comfortable and convenient. It covers the 182kin route in just under two hours.

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Guangzhou Metro

Guangzhou Metro

The metro system in Guangzhou is pretty sound. At present, the metro lines in use such as No.1, 2, 3, and University Town line crisscross and form a metro transportation network covering the whole city .Ticket price is based on traveling distance.
As of January 2010 there are now 5 lines. Line 1 & 2 are the most useful to tourists, running east-west and north-south respectively across the city centre. Line 3 mostly serves Tianhe and Panyu districts and splits at Tiyu Xilu with a short branch to the East Railway Station. Line 4 is a mostly elevated suburban line serving Panyu, University City and surrounding villages south-east of the city proper, and Line 5 is a half-circular route mostly following Huangshi Dong Lu (the inner ring-road).

Yang Cheng Tong Card
Guangzhou has a fairly efficient and rapidly expanding public transportation system. If you intend to stay in Guangzhou for an extensive period of time, purchase a multi-purpose Yang Cheng Tong (羊城通) stored value card, similar to the Octopus Card in Hong Kong.

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Guangzhou Ferries

Guangzhou is one of the ten most famous port cities in China. Guangzhou Port is made up of Humen Port, Xinsha Port, Huangpu Port and many other inner ports. The ship routes lead to more than 100 domestic ports and over 300 foreign ports. Some ports of Guangzhou provide passenger transport service. Panyu Lianhuashan Port provides high speed passenger liners between Guangzhou and Hong Kong daily. Huangpu Port offers ships to Xiuying Port, Haikou.

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  1. Hi,i am going to visit guangzhou end of ths month. i will be staying around east binjiang road, hai zhu. what the easier and cheaper transport to go to lecong furniture city from there?

    • I am not sure your exactly location ,but I think you are close to the Metro Station Line 8 , You just need to take metro to Foshan , so you have to transfer to Guanfo Line at Xilang Metro Station ( Line1) , Get off at Kuiqi Lu, at the end of the GuangFo Line , about 80 minutes from Bing Jiang Lu (maybe you close Lujiang metro station) ,Price is 8 Yuan , At Kuiqi Lu metro station , Exit C , then walk back 50 meters to the bus stop (Li Ri Hao Tian Zhan ), Take Number “Nanhai 255 A” just remember that 255A, get off at Lecong furniture Market (Jia Ju Bo Lan Zhong Xing Zhang) (8 stop) and walk about 400 metro to the Lecong Furnture Market if you take a taxi from Kuiqi Lu there, price is about 25-30 Yuan,

      When you go back to Gaungzhou, just take the number Nanhai 255 A to Kuiqi Lu metro station . then take metro to Guangzhou ,

      If you take a taxi to Lecong from your place, maybe price would be about 150-200 one trip ,
      PS: Guangzhou Metro Map here

      You can print the Chinese because the driver don’t know English , but they know Chinese, I think they can help you when you lost way , VERY BIG there!
      从地铁魁奇路站C出入口往后走约50米到丽日豪庭站(魁奇路地铁总站)乘坐 南海255路A (坐8站)到家具博览中心站下。往前走约350米到乐从国际家私城

  2. Am going to visit tianjin from guanghzhou, what is the easiest transportation but I will like to take a bus or train, how long will it also take me to get there?

    • Do you mean Tianjin City ? it is close to Beijing , I am not sure where the “tianjin ” near Guangzhou ? you can take a train from Guangzhou to Tianjin about 27 HOURS or fly from Guangzhou to Tianjin , even if fly , almost need 4 hours
      You can feel free ask any questions here ,thanks.

  3. I will be in Guangzhou in 8 of march 2019. 2:30 AM

    will i find any bus or train to Xiamen. And how is it for 1 seat 

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