Nansha Port

Guangzhou Nansha Port
Nansha Port (南沙港客运Nansha Ferry Terminal) is at the southeast of Nansha Development Zone and on the west bank of Humen Watercourse in the estuary of the Pearl River. It is only 40 nautical miles from Hong Kong (about 70 minutes by ferry), 41 nautical miles from Macau and 54 kilometers to Guangzhou by land, bordering the cities of Dongguang, Zhongshan, Fushan and Shunde.

Nansha Port is operating 4 lines traveling from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, Macau, and the Hong Kong International Airport. The trip takes 75 minutes to Hong Kong. Note that Nansha is very far from the city center(About 2 hours from guangzhou city to Nansha), although there are various bus pickup points from the city center and Panyu. The port is 1.6km south of Humen Bridge in Nansha.

Guangzhou(Nansha) ←→ Hong Kong

From Hong Kong to Nansha Guangzhou
From Nansha to Hong Kong
Departure Time Arrival Time Departure Time Arrival Time
08:00 09:15 09:15 10:30
09:00 10:15 11:00 12:15
10:50 12:05 14:00 15:15
14:00 15:15 16:00* 17:15
16:15 16:45 18:00 19:15

Note:* It will arrive at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal

Ticket Price between Hong kong and Nansha
Nansha to HK HK to Nansha
Standard Adult RMB 155 HKD175
Child (1-5years old) RMB 82 HKD 105
First Class Adult RMB 200 HKD 220
Child (1-5 years old) RMB 110 HKD 130
VIP Adult RMB 250 HKD 270

Guangzhou(Nansha) ←→ Hong Kong International Airport

From Hong Kong Airport to Nansha
From Nansha to Hong Kong Airport
Departure Time Arrival Time Departure Time Arrival Time
16:00 17:00 09:30 10:30
Ticket Price is 265 RMB for Adult

It takes about 1 hour from Hong Kong International Airport to Guangzhou Nansha Port. Shuttle buses travel from Guangzhou Nansha Port to counties of Guangzhou City and Shunde District in Foshan City.

Passengers can book ship tickets to go from Hong Kong International Airport to Nansha Port 90 days in advance.
Online Ticket Booking:
WAP Mobile Phone Booking:
International Toll-free Phone Number: +800 3628 3628 (for Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan only)
International Toll-free Fax Number: +800 1628 1628 (for Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia only)

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