Travel Between Hong Kong and Guangzhou by Train

HongKong Hung Hom train station

The train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is the easiest way to travel between the two cities.

The KCR East Railway travels between Hong Kong (Hung Hom station in Kowloon) and Guangzhou East. The journey time is generally under 2 hours and the train has a food and drinks service .It is really convenient for you when you are going to by train from Guangzhou to HongKong during the Canton fair.

Below you’ll find information on where to catch the train timetables and prices for the train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.

Ticket Fare:
Kowloon ⇔Dongguan: HK$145 (Adult)/HK$73   (Children)
Kowloon ⇔Guangzhou: HK$190(Adult)/HK$95   (Children)
Ticket for childen applies for kids from 5 to 9 (including 9) years old. Children before the age of 5 are free of charge and should buy adult ticket since 10 years old.
The train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is the easiest way to travel between the two cities.

Hong Kong to Guangzhou Train Schedule

Hung Hom –> Dongguan (Changping)/Guangzhou East

Train No Depart Hung Hom Arrive Dongguan (Changping) Arrive Guangzhou East
T812 07:25 08:37 09:24
T824 (Ktt) 08:15 09:25 10:12
T820 09:24 10:36 11:23
T804 10:52 12:04 12:51
T808 11:32 13:26
T814 12:23 14:17
T826 (Ktt) 13:11 14:21 15:08
T818 14:32 15:44 16:31
T810 16:35 17:47 18:34
T828 (Ktt) 18:00 19:10 19:57
T816 18:44 19:56 20:43
T802 20:01 21:13 22:00

By train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong

Guangzhou East/Dongguan(Changping) –>Hung Hom

Train No Depart Guangzhou East Depart Dongguan (Changping) Arrive Hung Hom
T801 08:19 09:03 10:12
T807 09:03 09:47 10:56
T813 09:50 10:34 11:43
T823 (Ktt) 10:39 11:23 12:29
T817 12:12 14:07
T809 13:52 14:37 15:46
T825 (Ktt) 15:31 16:14 17:21
T815 16:12 16:56 18:05
T803 16:56 17:40 18:49
T819 18:15 18:59 20:08
T827 (Ktt) 20:15 20:58 22:05
T811 21:32 23:25

Tickets for Foshan and Zhaoqing to Hung Hom can be bought from ticket sales outlets in the Mainland only.
* T803 runs from Guangzhou East/Dongguan(Changping) to Hung Hom; T806 runs from Zhaoqing/Foshan to Hung Hom.

Hung Hom –> Dongguan(Changping)/Guangzhou East/Foshan/Zhaoqing
Train No Depart Hung Hom Arrive Dongguan Arrive Guangzhou East Arrive Foshan Arrive Zhaoqing
T804 10:52 12:04 12:51 13:47 14:55


Zhaoqing/ Foshan/Guangzhou East /Dongguan(Changping)–>Hung Hom
Train No Depart Zhaoqing Depart Foshan Depart Guangzhou East Depart Dongguan (Changping) Arrive Hung Hom
T806/3* 15:30 16:35 17:33 18:17 19:31


Location 1 – Hong Kong Office

Phone: +852 2947 7888 , Passengers are required to collect tickets in person with the credit card through which the booking was made.

Location 2 – Guangzhou East Station

Website :

Children’s Tickets

Child tickets are for children aged 5 to 9 only. Passengers aged 10 or above should purchase adult tickets. A child under the age of 5 and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket may travel for free, provided that the child does not occupy a seat/sleeper. Tickets are valid only for the boarding station, train number and date as shown on the ticket.

Buy Tickets in advance .

Tickets can be bought at Hung Hom station in Hong Kong, and in Guangzhou East station. You can also buy tickets (*strFunction=ticketSale  ) 14 days in advance from the KCR website.

Tickets are refundable.

If you return your ticket 15 days or more in advance, you will get 100% refund. Refunds are calculated according to the time you return them.

Passport Formalities

Hong Kong and China have a formal border, including passport control and customs checks. You will also, most likely, need a visa for China. Foreign passengers in Guangzhou and Hung Hom station are advised to arrive 45 minutes before departure. And gates close 10 minutes before departure.

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  1. I have a china visa if I wish to travel to Hong Kong by train do I need a visa for Hong Kong too

    • depend on which country you are from , most of western countries like UK, Australia, US….they dont need to apply visa of HK ,even if chinese, they need to apply VISA of Hong Kong

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