Yang Cheng Tong

Yang Cheng Tong

Guangzhou has a fairly efficient and rapidly expanding public transportation system. If you intend to stay in Guangzhou for an extensive period of time, purchase a multi-purpose Yang Cheng Tong (羊城通) stored value card, similar to the Octopus Card in Hong Kong. The card can now be used in selected metro areas in the Guangdong province.

You will gain discount when you use yang cheng tong by Guangzhou metro, bus, for example, the APM usually costs 2 RMB per trip; with the card, and it costs 1.9 RMB. For the user’s first 15 rides within one calendar month, the card will deduct 5 percent of the fare. For the 16th trip and onward to the end of the month it will deduct 40 percent. While most expats in China may not begrudge a few here or there, when taking a longer trip, like to the airport, or repeated trips, the savings will add up.

The card includes a ¥20 refundable deposit. You can purchase the cards and recharged with extra credit in many places, such as some 7-11s, Metro customer service counters, and Tian Tian Laundry.
The cards may also be used at Tian Tian Laundry (天天洗衣店) outlets and in Guangzhou taxis. However, it’s not uncommon to come across some cleaners and taxis who do not accept the cards for whatever reason.

Look for the Yang Cheng Tong sign composed of an orange background with a green ‘V’ like a ram’s horns.Yang Cheng Tong literally means ”Ram City Pass”, since the ”Five Rams”, 五羊 statue is one of the important landmarks in Guangzhou.

”Wu Yang Cheng” or ”Yang Cheng” is both well-known nicknames of Guangzhou among Chinese people.

Customer service centers of Yang Cheng Tong in Guangzhou:
No.466 Renmin Bei Lu, Yuexiu District
Exit J of Subway Gongyuanqian Station (i.e. the transfer station between the Subway Lines 1 and 2)
Exit G of Subway Tiyu Xi Lu Station (on the Subway Line 1)

However, to return the card at the end of the trip, you need to go Gongyuanqian (Exit J) and Tiyu Xilu Exit G, and East Railway Station. (Exit HJ). It may be worth simply keeping the card as a souvenir.

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