The Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train

Guangzhou Kowloon Through Train
The Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train (Chinese: 广九直通车 or廣九直通車) is an inter-city railway service between Hong Kong and Guangzhou jointly operated by the MTR Corporation of Hong Kong and the Ministry of Railways of the People’s Republic of China. Services operate along the East Rail Line within Hong Kong territory, crossing the Hong Kong-Chinese border at Lo Wu, and continuing along the Guangshen Railway in Guangdong province.

Twelve trains run in each direction every day, with a journey time of 1 hour 40 minutes. You go through the immigration formality (Hong Kong side and Mainland China side) at once, at where you board the train. So that is pretty convenient.

One way ticket costs about HK$190 for first class, and HK$230 for premium class.

Ticket Fare:
Kowloon ⇔Dongguan: HK$145 (Adult)/HK$73 (Children)
Kowloon ⇔Guangzhou: HK$190(Adult)/HK$95 (Children)
Ticket for childen applies for kids from 5 to 9 (including 9) years old. Children before the age of 5 are free of charge and should buy adult ticket since 10 years old.
The train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is the easiest way to travel between the two cities.

Hong Kong to Guangzhou Train Schedule

Hung Hom –> Dongguan (Changping)/Guangzhou East

Train No Depart Hung Hom Arrive Dongguan (Changping) Arrive Guangzhou East
T812 07:25 08:37 09:24
T824 (Ktt) 08:15 09:25 10:12
T820 09:24 10:36 11:23
T804 10:52 12:04 12:51
T808 11:32 13:26
T814 12:23 14:17
T826 (Ktt) 13:11 14:21 15:08
T818 14:32 15:44 16:31
T810 16:35 17:47 18:34
T828 (Ktt) 18:00 19:10 19:57
T816 18:44 19:56 20:43
T802 20:01 21:13 22:00

By train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong

Guangzhou East/Dongguan(Changping) –>Hung Hom

Train No Depart Guangzhou East Depart Dongguan (Changping) Arrive Hung Hom
T801 08:19 09:03 10:12
T807 09:03 09:47 10:56
T813 09:50 10:34 11:43
T823 (Ktt) 10:39 11:23 12:29
T817 12:12 14:07
T809 13:52 14:37 15:46
T825 (Ktt) 15:31 16:14 17:21
T815 16:12 16:56 18:05
T803 16:56 17:40 18:49
T819 18:15 18:59 20:08
T827 (Ktt) 20:15 20:58 22:05
T811 21:32 23:25

Tickets for Foshan and Zhaoqing to Hung Hom can be bought from ticket sales outlets in the Mainland only.
* T803 runs from Guangzhou East/Dongguan(Changping) to Hung Hom; T806 runs from Zhaoqing/Foshan to Hung Hom.

Hung Hom –> Dongguan(Changping)/Guangzhou East/Foshan/Zhaoqing
Train No Depart Hung Hom Arrive Dongguan Arrive Guangzhou East Arrive Foshan Arrive Zhaoqing
T804 10:52 12:04 12:51 13:47 14:55


Zhaoqing/ Foshan/Guangzhou East /Dongguan(Changping)–>Hung Hom
Train No Depart Zhaoqing Depart Foshan Depart Guangzhou East Depart Dongguan (Changping) Arrive Hung Hom
T806/3* 15:30 16:35 17:33 18:17 19:31

You can book train tickets online for trains within mainland (eg: train from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Lowu,Shenzhen or Guangzhou South Railway Station to Shenzhen North Railway Station, China by using search form above, or click China Highlights Train Booking

If you want to book trains to Hong Kong (eg: train from Guangzhou East to Hung Hom, HK), you can only use this enquiry form to ask our trip advisors to book it for you.

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