All tourist places in Guangzhou–What’s on in Guangzhou

All tourist attractions  in Guangzhou–Where to go in Guangzhou

Top 15 things to do in Guangzhou

  1. Canton Tower
  2. Shamian Island
  3. Guangzhou Huacheng Square –Flower City Square
  4. Chen Clan Academy (Chen Jia Ci ,chinese)
  5. Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street  (shopping)
  6. Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral
  7. Chimelong Safari Park  ( See pandas in Guangzhou)
  8. Guangzhou Enning Lu–Xiguan Houses
  9. Guangzhou Pearl River Cruise
  10. Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain
  11. Yuexiu Park
  12. Western Han Nanyue Royal Tomb Museum
  13. Shangxiajiu Lu Pedestrian Street (shopping)
  14. Guangzhou Six Banyan tree Temple–Liurong Temple
  15. Travel to Kaiping Diaolou

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Chimelong Theme Park

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